IMAGINING CADDO LAKE: May 10, 11, 12, 2015
Instructor: Carolyn Brown 214-720-6006

Immerse yourself in the mystery and fantastic maze at Caddo Lake, one of America’s natural wonders only 150 miles from Dallas.

Enjoy 2 ½ days living in a down-home atmosphere with five other art participants including private rooms and all meals.

Dawn and dusk boat rides: become a part of this eerie and mysterious waterscape.

Learn dynamic art concepts that will transform the way you perceive and make art and art photography.

Create art works using photography, acrylic paints, collage and more. No experience necessary.

Explore and visit places where Carolyn Brown has taken some of the best photographs for the new book, Caddo: Visions of a Southern Swamp (A&M Press 2015).


Participants will work with art materials to explore problems in design and complete outside photographic assignments specifically planned around the basic elements of design and composition. Most art works will be non-objective and broken down into lines, colors, textures, value and shapes.

Objective: An overall awareness for design and composition as well as camera skills will grow by working with each element of design and composition and completing related art projects using various art materials and the photographic image.

Camera: Participants will need a digital camera. Most digital cameras are acceptable. You may email Carolyn with your camera description to be sure. No cell phone photography for the class. Images will be downloaded, discussed and modified in class meetings.

Materials kit including a book on basic design will be provided for each participant. These expenses are a part of the overall cost of the workshop.

Cost includes three dinners (one with wine, the others byob), two lunches, three breakfasts, three nights lodging, four boat rides, art supplies including on-site prints, design book, assistant instructor and instructor.

Post Session: Prior to departure group will meet with Carolyn and go over details of the trip including maps and suggested readings. Participants will also get started with a post-assignment before departure.
Cost: $900.00

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